Adirondack Pickle Company began producing unique flavored pickles in 2014.   Our pickles are made in New York State with local fresh ingredients. We are proudly sold in over 100 retail stores throughout New York, Massachusetts, Vermont and Pennsylvania.

We offer three different varieties of Dill pickles

  • Horseradish Dill Chunks
  • Hearty Garlic Dill Chunks
  • Hot Pepper Garlic Dill Chunks

   Our Newest Flavor is NOW AVALIABLE

        TRY OUR NEWEST FLAVOR TODAY!!!                                                     Sweet Horseradish Bread & Butter Pickle Chips          




To Contact Us

Our Facebook Page

E-Mail US: adirondackpicklecompany@gmail.com


One thought on “About

  1. My boyfriend and I love your pickles! Everytime i go to get the horseradish pickles they are out of them. I would like to order a couple jars for fathers day…how do I do that?


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